Gina Sanchez

Gina Sanchez

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Gina Sanchez is a recognized expert on institutional asset allocation, domestic and international economic policy, and broad market trends across traditional, alternative, and emerging asset classes. Her work focuses on market rotation and asset pricing dynamics across changing economic policy and market sentiment regimes. Sanchez has also introduced innovative methods for evaluating manager strategies and detecting regime biases for total return, absolute return, and illiquid strategies. She has recently expanded her focus to include ESG and other sustainable investment trends, economic impact evaluation, and market risk pricing dynamics.

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  • Sanchez was a recipient of Institutional Investor’s 2009 Foundations and Endowments Rising Stars Award.
  • During her time at American Century, she became the firm's youngest-ever portfolio manager overseeing more than $6.5 billion in assets under management.


  • Sanchez speaks on the Fed, OPEC, corporate earnings announcements, and general market trends.
  • She is a regular guest on CNBC's Trading Nation, Power Lunch, Fast Money, Squawk Box, Street Signs, Worldwide Exchange, The Exchange, Closing Bell, Squawk Box Europe, Squawk Box Asia, and Business Arabia. 
  • She writes, hosts, and produces Real Life Economics, a podcast on the intersection between economic theory and real life.