Felix Zulauf

Felix Zulauf

Formal First Name
1950 - present

Felix Zulauf is the Owner and President of Zulauf Consulting, a research firm that offers proprietary global macro research, covering various topics such as equities, fixed income, credit markets, currencies, commodities, and geopolitical themes. With over 40 years of experience in the markets, Felix produces some of the best institutional research available today. He is a macro expert examining trends in global rates & currencies, monetary & fiscal policy, economic measures, as well as political activities and how all of these factors relate to each other. He continues to follow macroeconomic trends, and shares his invariably thoughtful observations and often-bracing opinions with clients. In addition to offering written research reports, Felix also provides consulting services to institutional clients. He also pens a biweekly newsletter packed with insights on geopolitics, policy, markets, and investable assets, and hosts a quarterly webinar.


  • Felix began his career as a trader with Swiss Bank Corporation.

  • He joined UBS in 1977 as a portfolio manager, later on becoming the head of the institutional portfolio management unit and global strategist for UBS.

  • He served as a member of the Executive Board of Clariden Bank from 1988-1990.

  • He received training in research and portfolio management with various investment banks in New York, Zurich, and Paris.

  • He has been a member of Barron's Roundtable for almost 30 years.


  • Felix can be seen in mainstream media, such as Bloomberg and the German press.

  • He spoke at the 2020 Mauldin Strategic Economics Conference.

  • He has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.