Felix Zulauf

Felix Zulauf

Formal First Name
1950 - present

Felix Zulauf is the Founder and Owner of Zulauf Consulting, a boutique consulting and research firm that offers investment advisory services exclusively to institutional investors. Zulauf has over 40 years of experience in financial markets and asset management. He is a macro expert examining trends in global rates and currencies, monetary and fiscal policy, economic measures, as well as political activities and how all of these factors relate to each other. He produces some of the best institutional research available today through his biweekly newsletter, packed with insights on geopolitics, policy, markets, and investable assets, and hosts a quarterly webinar. Zulauf served as a regular fixture in Barron's roundtable, a well-known and highly respected annual forum where some of the world's most prominent investors, economists, and financial experts discuss their views about the markets.


  • He decided to create Zulauf Consulting to share his findings with institutional clients seeking an independent voice on global markets and economies.

  • In spring 2009, he sold his interest in the business to his partners and he spun off Zulauf Asset Management as his family office. 

  • While he no longer manages external money, he continues to focus on macro related advisory activities and publishes investment research and consulting services to select family offices and other financial institutions.

  • Today, he continues to follow macroeconomic trends, and shares his invariably thoughtful observations and often-bracing opinions with clients.