Diana Avila

Diana Avila

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Diana Avila is the Global Head of Banking and Expansion at Wise, a financial technology company originally launched in 2011 as TransferWise. She is passionate about financial inclusion and innovation towards a better and more efficient financial system. Avila has been building international expertise in financial regulation and payments infrastructure to help expand products and services that are making the world of finance easier and fairer for customers.

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  • Avila has a very personal connection to her work: She wanted to send money to Colombia to pay off student loans but struggled to find a fair transfer price.
  • Since she joined TransferWise in 2015, she has helped further expand the company's footprint into several markets, including Latin America—notably launching in Brazil, a largely underbanked market. 
  • Under her supervision, Wise has moved roughly $5 billion to and from Brazil, at fees that are about one-third of those offered by Brazil’s banks.
  • Her efforts helped Wise secure a foreign exchange broker license from the central bank of Brazil to expand activities there, while also widening its offerings to countries including Argentina, Peru, Chile, and Colombia.


  • Global Head of Banking and Expansion - Responsible for leading the team that expands the firm's operations internationally, making services available in more jurisdictions for their growing 6 million customers. 
  • Head of Banking, West - Led the expansion of operations into Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America by developing and maintaining relationships with banks and regulators.
  • Banking Lead, Latin America - Expanded company operations to Latin America through partnerships with financial institutions and securing new regulatory licenses, making it possible for customers to send money from Brazil, as well as receive money in Colombia, Chile, Peru, Argentina, and Brazil.


  • Latin America Operations Manager at the International Project Finance Association - Created a network of companies involved in financing and developing infrastructure projects in Colombia, Mexico, Chile, and Peru.
  • Associate Lawyer, Finance and Banking Law at prietocarrizosa - Minimized clients’ exposure to reputational and legal risks, informed decision-making, and ensured their businesses comply with all necessary financial regulations, through the delivery of expert advice on regulatory frameworks, loan agreements, international debt and equity, and new financial products.
  • Associate Lawyer at BMC Bolsa Mercantil de Colombia - Provided detailed performance information, designed and launched a fully governance-compliant website, and regulated products offered by the commodities exchange.