Denise Shull

Denise Shull

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Rosetta Stone of Trading Psychology
1959 - present

Denise Shull is the Founder and CEO of The ReThink Group, the human performance and decision-making consultancy. She leverages her background in neuroscience and modern psychoanalysis to solve the mental mysteries of successful investing, trading, competing, and leading teams. She developed The Shull Method™, a unique approach to mental skills which prioritizes emotion in the pursuit of peak performance and the resolution of psychological roadblocks. The Shull Method™ is ReThink’s signature consulting and coaching framework that leverages the latest neuroscience and psychological research into perception and judgement. Denise is an internationally recognized leader in market, investing and trading psychology. She is a renowned author, speaker and frequent media contributor. As a performance architect, she coaches executives, traders, Olympic athletes, and other high-octane professionals at the top of their respective fields  in the United States, Europe, Australia, Asia, and New Zealand.

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  • Denise is known for her effectiveness in coaching, training, and assessing for the X factor of human performance under pressure. 

  • She translates the latest brain science into real-world competitive advantages. 

  • Her clients include portfolio managers, traders, business innovators, and professional and Olympic athletes.



  • In 2013, Shull published her thesis research, “The Neurobiology of Freud’s Repetition Compulsion” in the Annals of Modern Psychoanalysis; it was cited as one of the earliest groundbreaking papers in the emerging field of neuropsychoanalysis.

  • In 2015, she was invited to consult on the development of Showtime’s BILLIONS.

  • In 2016, she began mental coaching with the Olympic medal winner Lindsey Jacobellis. 

  • In 2016, Bloomberg’s Tradebook delivered their trader brain exercise game based on her work. 

  • In 2017, Sl and ReThink delivered HEADSx, a robust talent assessment tool used by select hedge funds to hire exceptional talent.

  • In 2018, her work with Olympian Lindsey Jacobellis was featured in the New York Times.