The ReThink Group

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The ReThink Group assesses, coaches, and trains professional money managers and athletes in triumphing over market and competitive pressures. Turning science into actionable strategies and tactics, this boutique consultancy capitalizes on the latest psychological research to study how human thoughts and feelings merge to create our best decisions and optimal behaviors.


1:1 Coaching, Consulting & Advising

Whether you aspire to be a better financial markets trader, a more productive professional athlete, or a more strategic and effective leader, the Shull Method will provide you with the mental edge you crave. 

Training & Workshops

Whether you want to train a team of individuals or turn a group of individuals into a team, ReThink guides you in applying a better view of perception and judgment to your particular challenge. Each workshop is customized to match your needs and objectives.

X-Factor Talent Assessment

ReThink Group’s talent assessment, HEADSx, has been carefully designed to deliver insight into the mysteries of elite, exceptional talent.