Charlie Morris

Charlie Morris

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Charlie Morris is the Founder and CIO of ByteTree, a research-driven investment adviser providing real-time digital asset data, fundamentals, technicals and crypto research and analysis. As CIO, he leads, oversees, and develops both crypto and traditional investment strategies for the firm. Charlie is well-known for his expertise in alternative assets, notably gold and Bitcoin where he has developed notable valuation models, and also has extensive knowledge in traditional asset classes. He has over 20 years of experience in fund management, and has a reputation for managing actively managed, multi-asset portfolios, with an emphasis on efficient diversification and risk management. Previously, Charlie was the Head of Multi Asset at Atlantic House Fund Management, and the Head of Absolute Return at HSBC Global Asset Management where he spent 17 years and managed $3B of assets. In addition, Charlie is also the Editor of The Fleet Street Letter, a publication from Southbank Investment Research, that covers politics, economics and investments from a UK perspective.

Professional Experience

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  • Charlie has expertise in managing a range of alternative investment strategies in digital, gold and other alternative assets.

  • He managed the Total Return Fund at Atlantic House. Prior to his departure, his Fund ranked 1st out of 47 in Trustnet multi-asset, absolute return sector.

  • He was the CIO and Fund Manager at Newscape Capital Group, a diversified financial services boutique founded in 2008.

  • Prior to launching his career in fund management, Charlie was an officer in the Grenadier Guards, British Army.