Andreas Steno Larsen

Andreas Steno Larsen

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Andreas Steno Larsen is the Founder and Managing Partner of Steno Research, an independent research firm focusing on macro, geopolitics, and cryptocurrency analyses. Andreas is a core macro consultant and the Senior Editor and Host of Real Vision. Previously, he was the Host of “The Macro Trading Floorpodcast at Blockworks, where they interview guests on their insights about the best macro trade ideas. Before that, he was Director and Lead Economist at Heimstaden, a leading European residential real estate company. Andreas was also the  Global Chief Strategist of Nordea, one of the Nordic region's foremost financial services groups. During his decade-long tenure at Nordea, he was responsible for overseeing the FX and rates strategy towards institutional and large-cap corporate clients, including central banks, hedge funds, and pension funds. Today, Andreas is one of the most quoted and sought-after macro analysts out there.

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  • Steno Research is committed to delivering timely, actionable research that helps you navigate through the complexities of today’s financial landscapes.

  • The research house delivers honest, sharp, and actionable content relevant to your portfolio.

  • From macroeconomics to the pulse of trade, Steno Research equips you with the knowledge to anticipate movements and thrive in the market of any asset.


  • Andreas is a self-proclaimed political nerd who is always up for a good discussion on politics, central banks, and financial markets. 

  • He is a well-known angel investor, having pre-seed funded successful projects

  • He specializes in business, economics, macroeconomy, foreign exchange, investment models, enterprise risk management, and risk advisory.

  • On top of the financial analysis, he is a well-known business angel, having pre-seed funded successful projects such as MarketReader and ScaleUp Finance along the way. 

  • As Heimstaden's Head of Research, he was responsible for assessing housing market trends, real rates and rental growth, among others. 

  • He hosted "The Macro Trading Floor" podcast with Alfonso Peccatiello at Blockworks. Each week, they invited a new guest to talk about their best macro ideas.


  • Andreas was Senior Global Market Strategist responsible for G10 FX/FI analysis, forecasting, ideas, and communication.

  • He was mostly involved in USD, EUR, and GBP rates and G10 FX, general market strategy and allocation.

  • He provided risk advisory towards Danish and international corporations, and advised corporations on how to handle FX, interest rates, and commodity exposure.

  • He was also often a speaker on different topics involving the financial markets.

  • He dealt with monetary policy and international currency trading.