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Steno Research is an independent source for macro, geopolitical and cryptocurrency analyses. The resource house delivers honest, sharp, and actionable content relevant to your portfolio. With their extensive range of subscriptions, you gain access to unique analyses, sophisticated models, and comprehensive data that empower you to make informed decisions swiftly and confidently. Explore the depths of global markets through their weekly editorials, delve into the dynamics of digital currencies with their detailed crypto research, and elevate your trading strategies with their premium content, crafted specifically for professional macro insights. From macroeconomics to the pulse of trade, Steno Research equips you with the knowledge to anticipate movements and thrive in the market of any asset.


  • Steno Research is committed to delivering timely, actionable research that helps you navigate through the complexities of today’s financial landscapes.

  • Their expertise cuts through the noise to bring you clear, data-driven insights and strategies.

  • The research house provides honest, sharp and actionable content on the topics most relevant for your portfolio.


A weekly editorial on everything macroeconomics, written by Andreas Steno.

  • Daily Post. 

Your morning research letter from Steno Research prepares you for the day to come.

Emerging Markets delves into the most timely and relevant news and movements from and relevant to emerging markets.

A weekly editorial on geopolitics and global conflict.

  • Watch Series. 

A collection of individual series such as Europolitics Watch, Inflation Watch, Real Estate Watch, and much more.

  • Crypto Movies. 

A detailed editorial that explores topics relevant to the crypto market, helping you stay ready for future developments.


  • Desk Access. 

Direct access to Steno Research analysts in both written and spoken formats, whenever you see fit.

  • Wide-Ranging Coverage. 

Address all the topics and assets that matter to you, including macroeconomics, geopolitics, trading strategies, and digital assets.

Research extends well beyond the resources available on their website. They have the capabilities to provide you with insights on any topic you have in mind.