Van Lanschot Kempen

Founding Date

Van Lanschot Kempen NV provides a range of financial services in the Netherlands and internationally. The oldest financial institute in the Netherlands, Van Lanschot Kempen is a specialist, independent wealth manager dedicated to preserving and creating wealth in a sustainable way. VLK offers private banking services for entrepreneurs, family businesses, high net-worth individuals, business professionals and executives, healthcare professionals, foundations, and associations. The company also provides online savings and investment coach services that guide investors towards investment, pension, and savings solutions. In addition, it offers asset management services on various asset classes comprising small caps, property, high-dividend equities, fixed-income securities, and funds of hedge funds; and fiduciary services for institutional clients. VLK has a network of 37 offices, including 27 in the Netherlands, 8 in Belgium, and 2 in Switzerland.


  • VLK is the product of the union of two specialized financial boutiques, and is the oldest financial institution in the Netherlands.

  • VLK is a well-capitalized, profitable, independent wealth manager with a strong specialist position in the market and proud Dutch roots.

  • For a combined four centuries, the company has dedicated their financial craftsmanship to helping clients achieve their goals.



  • Van Lanschot Private Banking

  • Evi van Lanschot

  • Kempen Asset Management

  • Kempen Merchant Banking



  • A leading wealth manager in the Benelux region;

  • The number one online wealth management option for the mass affluent in selected markets;

  • A prominent, active investment manager that delivers alpha in illiquid markets, as well as income-generating and ESG strategies across Europe;

  • The leading fiduciary manager in the Netherlands, and a challenger in the UK fiduciary market;

  • The preferred trusted adviser in selected niches in merchant banking across Europe.