Treussard Capital Management

Founding Date

Treussard Capital Management is a registered investment advisor that operates as a fiduciary for its clients. TCM offers portfolio management services, creating personalized investment strategies based on clients' goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon. The firm's clients include business innovators and senior executives, individuals and households, endowments and foundations, and families with multinational lives.


  • With their extensive background, TCM creates bespoke portfolio strategies for clients that embody their rich heritage and accumulated knowledge.

  • The TCM team has helped navigate a highly sophisticated, multi-strategy portfolio through the challenges of the Great Financial Crisis and its aftermath.

  • The firm starts by understanding the “why” behind your assets and the greater context within which investing takes place for clients.


  • Experience. 

TCM leverages two decades at the top of academia, family offices, and global asset management on behalf of their clients. The firm's depth of knowledge and practical knowledge range from risk management to investment management

  • Agility. 

Markets evolve constantly, and technology accelerates that change. TCM is constantly seeking to transcend the best practices of today and embrace the opportunities of tomorrow.

  • Independence. 

TCM only answers to you. The firm gives you their best thinking, without external pressure or institutional biases.