Sidar Global Ventures

Founding Date

Sidar Global Ventures invests in seed-stage and start-ups focused on solving real-world problems and introducing new value to an industry, or displace and disrupt the traditional models. Providing advisory and consulting services, SGV helps passionate teams build great companies by investing seed-stage capital, time, experience and relationships and expand the companies globally. They also offer due diligence services, a strategic network, and a decade of experience navigating complex political and regulatory terrains to help companies reach their global potential. As of March 2017, Sidar Global has been focusing on technology investments in the areas of financial technology, education technology, B2B and marketing.

  • SGV provides boutique oversight and advisory to assist clients in market entrance and investment oversight.

  • They provide services including macro-economic and political analysis, corporate investigation, due-diligence, and in-country firm investigation and matching.

  • Their team of experienced experts has covered projects in energy, public health, extraction, telecommunications, political stability, and criminal investigation.

  • Between 2009 and 2017, Sidar Global served clients in an advisory capacity on the economic, security, political and regulatory risks of doing business in austere environments.

  • Their client portfolio included firms such as Kinross Gold Corporation, Microsoft, Statoil, Merck and Hilton Worldwide.

  • SGV’s offerings allow clients to capture and assess information in real-time across a variety of sectors and risk areas.

  • Their portfolio consists of companies that make intelligence operational while forging relationships to drive business growth and success.