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Sfermion is the world's investment firm focused on non-fungible tokens and associated assets. A pioneer in the NFT investing space and a thought leader in the thriving community, Sfermion aims to accelerate the emergence of an open, decentralized metaverse by investing in the infrastructure that are the building blocks of the digital future. The firm leverages its multi-strategy approach, domain expertise, and vast network to capitalize on the influx of innovation and resources being channeled into the NFT ecosystem. As a metaverse-native firm investing in esoteric digital assets, Sfermion invests across the entire non-fungible capital stack, focusing on three types of investments – early-stage venture equity, tokens, and direct NFTs. Since its foundation in 2019, Sfermion has invested in over 40 NFT-related companies to-date, including OpenSea, SuperRare, Artblocks, Yield Guild Games, Nifty Island, DeHorizon, Mojito, and Alethea AI.


  • Sfermion is centered around investing and actively supporting metaverse-native digital asset projects.

  • Sfermion is focused on the NFT ecosystem that provides a unique opportunity for uncorrelated returns and alpha generation.

  • It aims to provide holistic coverage across these rapidly evolving asset classes and drive value via best-in-class resources, experience, and access to NFTs.

  • Its asset portfolio includes a range of blue-chip and emerging creators covering collectibles, gaming, virtual real estate, and art, among others.

  • Sfermion provides an institutional-quality, operational framework to assist daily operations and strengthen infrastructure within the network.