Andrew Steinwold

Andrew Steinwold

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Andrew Steinwold is the Founder and Managing Partner of Sfermion, the world's first investment firm focused on NFTs and associated assets in the digital space, and a Partner at Polynexus Capital, a multi-strategy digital asset fund that invests in distributed ledger technologies. Andrew is a pioneer of the NFT investing space and a thought leader in its thriving community. He is a crypto investor and analyst who has been focusing on the digital asset ecosystem's rising metaverse—a new web of shared virtual spaces that are always on;line, open, and unlock new kinds of economics. In recent years, Andrew and Sfermion also have invested in dozens of NFT-oriented companies, such as OpenSea, Artblocks, Yield Guild Games, and Nifty Island. Andrew also hosts Zima Red, an influential newsletter and podcast series meant to explore metaverse-native projects.


  • Investor, OpenSea

  • Investor, Art Blocks Inc.

  • Investor, SuperRare

  • Investor,

  • Investor, OnChain Studios

  • Investor, Molecule GmbH

  • Investor, Syndicate Protocol

  • Investor,

  • Investor, Showtime

  • Investor, TR Lab

  • Investor, Etched, Inc.

  • Investor, Big Time Studios

  • Investor, Webaverse

  • Investor, Arcade

  • Investor, Upshot

  • Investor, NFT Oasis

  • Investor, Alethea AI

  • Investor, NFTfi

  • Investor, Reverie

  • Investor, Folkvang

  • Investor, Delphi Infinft

  • Investor, Relativity Space


  • Zima Red has become an essential part of the media diet for metaverse enthusiasts.

  • At the newsletter and podcast series, Andrew explores virtual worlds and discusses all things NFTs.

  • His previous guests included Keyvon Tehranian, the CEO of the NFT marketplace Foundation, and Vignesh Sundaresan aka MetaKovan.


  • Fortune NFTy 50


  • Andrew has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.