Ishan Bhaidani

Ishan Bhaidani

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Ishan Bhaidani is the Co-Founder of SCRIB3, a leading Web3 technical marketing and communications studio. He helped successfully scale SCRIB3 to generate over $3 million in annual recurring revenue within just six months, without relying on external funding. Prior to SCRIB3, he served as a DeFi Content Manager at Serotonin, a Web3 marketing agency, where he was also a top decentralized finance analyst. Bhaidani has worked with several blue-chip DeFi and infrastructure protocols and has been involved with more than a dozen projects within the crypto industry, including product consulting, go-to-market strategy and tokenomics. He is notable for being among the first individuals to raise concerns about potential deceptive and unethical business practic practices by FTX, now one of the greatest fraud stories in history.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • At Serotonin, he worked on everything from go-to-market strategy to tokenomics consulting for top projects.

  • He's an expert in narrative-building and content management, including long-form research, working alongside some of the top minds in DeFi.