Founding Date

Since its inception in 2003, Opalesque has been the leading news service on hedge funds and alternative investments: the only hedge fund news read by the elite hedge fund managers. Founded to provide professional news services to participants in the industry, the company has grown to be one of the world’s largest subscription-based publishers covering the alternative investment industry. Opalesque publishes the “Alternative Market Briefing”, the premium news service on hedge funds and alternatives. The launch of these Briefings was a revolution in the hedge fund media space, bringing transparency where there was opacity and by reliably delivering a daily accurate professional reporting service. Today, Opalesque provides premium online information services, publishing over 400,000 digital copies of its 11 specialist publications to a growing professional user base.

Readers of the Opalesque New York Roundtable will get first hand intelligence on:

  • What is the future of today's hedge funds?

  • What is 'permitted disintermediation'? Will hedge funds be the new banks?

  • What will happen in the distressed space? Where is the economy heading?

  • 'We are seeing tremendous opportunities in multiple asset classes, some we have not seen in almost a decade' - where are these opportunities? Or is the current floor not a floor at all?

  • Why is AIG setting up a hedge fund seeding joint venture now?