iShares is a global leader in exchange-traded funds. It provides a flexible, low-cost way for investors to gain exposure to various market segments, including fixed income, emerging markets, and broad-based indexes. As one of the world's largest ETF providers, iShares offers over 800 products around the world. It is the first to offer ETFs that simplify bond investing and is at the forefront in providing factor ETFs that capture historical drivers of return.


Sustainable Investing

Access the exposures you want while investing in a sustainable future. Whether you seek to eliminate exposure to controversial business activities or prioritize investing in companies that embrace high ESG standards, iShares has a solution for every sustainable investor.

Long-Term Investing

iShares Core ETFs are designed to work together at the foundation of a portfolio to help investors reach their long-term investment goals. It offers a select group of broad stock and bond exchange-traded funds designed to work together in a tax-efficient way to help meet any financial goal.


All types of investors are recognizing that bond ETFs can help modernize fixed income portfolios. Sophisticated institutions, financial professionals and DIY individual investors all can potentially benefit from competitive performance, low costs, and deep liquidity.

Factor Investing

Take advantage of iShares' deep research and analysis of historically proven drivers of return with Factor ETFs. Investing in specific factors may help investors reach their goals by helping to reduce portfolio volatility or improve returns.

Income Investing

iShares ETFs open investors to a broad range of opportunities to seek yield. iShares has stock and bond ETFs that deliver income while also helping investors seek stability, growth, and other financial outcomes.