IceCap Asset Management Limited

IceCap Asset Management is an independent investment management company that specializes in managing wealth for individuals, institutions, trusts, charities, and endowments. The firm is licensed to provide discretionary management services in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland & Labrador.



IceCap's approach to managing stocks is highly focused on both regions as well as economic sectors. To assess the relative attractiveness of a region and sector, it relies upon two different models consisting of external factors and internal factors.

  • External factors assess economic conditions, real money supply, OECD leading indicators, short-term real interest rates, and long-term interest rates.
  • Internal factors assess earnings yield momentum, stock price momentum, and market breadth indicators.

Together, this disciplined and unbiased approach identifies not only the attractive areas to invest your money, but also areas to avoid.


IceCap's bond strategies cover all global regions and corporate sectors. The primary focus for each client is on their respective domestic market. The key inputs into its fixed income strategies include a thorough analysis of the economic cycle, inflation expectations, and credit conditions.


IceCap's commodity models identify favorable trends by focusing on fundamental, economic, technical, and sentiment indicators. Once an opportunity is identified, the portfolio will consist of an ETF strategy of either broadly diversified commodities, or specific commodity groups including Energy, Agriculture, Base Metals, and Precious Metals.


When global macro conditions become detached from the trends in gold prices, IceCap's strategy focuses on trader and investment sentiment, market technicals, and seasonality factors.


IceCap's approach to managing currencies is to consider the long-term fundamental values for each currency. It focuses on moving averages, momentum, and relative strength indicators.

Real Estate

Since every client is unique, real estate certainly shouldn’t have to be included in every portfolio. When it does make sense to include real estate in the investment portfolio, IceCap has the tools and strategies available to provide optimal returns.