IceCap Asset Management

IceCap Asset Management is an investment management firm that specializes in managing wealth for individuals, institutions, trusts, charities, and endowments. The firm provides discretionary investment management to clients looking to maintain complete control over how their portfolio is managed. Their team saves you time by providing transparent asset management backed by renowned global macro investment strategies to keep you ahead of the investment curve.


  • Dynamic and Unique. 

In addition to the traditional strategies of stocks and bonds, IceCap also considers strategies covering commodities, gold, currencies, and real estate.

  • Outsourcing. 

The firm provides world class investment management solutions by retaining our intellect, global perspective and experience in-house, while outsourcing the high cost functions of custody, reporting, and research.

  • Lower Fees. 

Their approach to outsourcing allows them to offer fees that are typically less than what most investors are paying today.

  • Transparency. 

IceCap's fees are always explicitly stated in your account statements and easy to follow and understand.


  • Stocks. 

Their approach to managing stocks is highly focused on economic sectors. They assess economic conditions, real money supply, yield momentum, stock price momentum, and market breadth indicators, among others.

IceCap uses their bond strategies as defensive positions. Duration or maturities will be rather short-term in nature, and credit risk will focus primarily on government, sovereign, and high grade corporate bonds.

Their commodity models identify favourable trends by focusing on fundamental, economic, technical and sentiment indicators. They offer either broadly diversified commodities, or specific commodity groups including Energy, Agriculture, Base Metals, and Precious Metals.

The addition of gold to a portfolio achieves this objective by significantly reducing portfolio volatility, while also maintaining expected returns. During normal economic cycles, gold performs in-line with a diversified commodity portfolio.

  • Currencies. 

The allocation to currencies will normally complement your cash and bond strategies with coverage including US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Swedish Krona, and Swiss Franc.

From an investment perspective, real estate is normally included in investment portfolios to provide a constant stream of income as well as to provide protection from inflation.