Hayden Royal

Hayden Royal is a registered investment advisor that seeks to help independent wealth advisors in providing investment advice to their clients and developing new business. Advisors are supported with the education and resources that enable outstanding client service as well as career growth. This includes custom coaching focused on outlining business objectives, crafting a strategic plan, and supporting you with the tools and training you need to realize those goals.


Investment Management

Hayden Royal provides proven investment tools designed to accommodate almost any risk profile. It also builds custom and creative models that are strategically tailored to a client’s specific needs.

Real Estate Strategies

Hayden Royal provides guidance and access to a handful of fully vetted real estate managers and projects to best fit client needs.

Insurance Services

Hayden Royal brings advanced insurance strategies to the table designed to take full advantage of the ever-changing legal and taxable landscape.

Estate Planning

Hayden Royal focuses on the generational transfer of its client’s wealth. It follows new legislation and seeks opportunities for optimization. 

Tax Planning

Hayden Royal explains, illustrates, and coaches on strategies custom-made to specific clients and works hand in hand with both regional and national tax attorneys and certificated public accountants.

Liability Structuring

Hayden Royal reviews client debt profiles to ensure that it is managing any liquidity requirements that are outlined in their Investment Policy Statement and are doing so without compromising their growth needs and goals.