Fairpoint Wealth Management

Fairpoint Wealth Management is a fee-only, independent and fiduciary investment advisory firm that provides investment management and financial planning services to business professionals and working families in Cleveland, Ohio. At Fairpoint, they develop personalized wealth management strategies designed to maximize your finances, so that you can achieve financial success. The firm provides the high net worth community with a broad range of wealth management services, with investment management as their core expertise. Fairpoint Wealth Management has been featured in national publications, including Forbes, Business Insider, Bankrate and The Huffington Post.

Fairpoint's Actionable Financial Planning includes:

  1. Sophisticated modeling of long-term cash flows

  2. Benefits and compensation elections

  3. Social Security strategies

  4. Medicare and healthcare selections

  5. Tax-efficient retirement withdrawal strategies

Their expert investment guidance provides:

  1. Creation and regular review of asset allocations

  2. Integration of equity and benefit plans with the overall portfolio strategy

  3. Assistance with implementation of investment strategies

  4. Regular review and investment performance reporting