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The Economist Intelligence Unit is a leader in business intelligence that provides analysis and forecasts of the political, economic and business environment of more than 200 countries. Founded in 1946, the EIU has over 70 years’ experience in helping businesses, financial firms and governments to navigate the ever-changing global landscape on key strategic industries, including automotive, consumer goods, energy, financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, and commodities. The EIU works with clients to help them navigate the increasingly complex global environment, analyze political and economic developments, forecast economic trends, and understand country-specific regulations and business practices. The EIU empowers the world's leading organizations to be prepared, plan effectively, examine risk, and explore new markets.


  • EIU Viewpoint – Country Analysis service looks at global dynamics that impact your organization, helping you operate effectively and plan for the future.

  • Financial Risk – Enables you to accurately identify sovereign, currency and banking sector risks posed by political and economic developments across 131 markets.

  • Operational Risk – Identity, assess, compare and mitigate the Operational Risks involved in doing business in 180 markets.

  • Speaker Bureau – Book the experts behind the award-winning economic and political forecasts.

  • ESG Rating Service – Understand country risks from the ESG environment with EIU's expert analysis and rating of qualitative indicators and extensive official data.

  • Access China – Offers comprehensive understanding of China today, giving you confidence to understand China in ten and twenty years' time.

  • Worldwide Cost of Living – Compare the cost of living in 140 cities globally. Updated bi-annually with direct city-to-city comparisons.

  • CityData – Access pricing information on more than 160 goods and services in over 140 cities worldwide.