Divvy Homes

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Divvy empowers renters to become homeowners. It represents a brand-new way to think about homeownership in America—rekindling the dream of homeownership and providing a substantial wealth-building opportunity along the way. It currently serves Atlanta, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Jacksonville, Memphis, Miami, Minneapolis, Orlando, Phoenix, San Antonio, St. Louis, and Tampa.


1. Complete an application

Divvy application is free, fast, and won’t impact your credit score. It takes only 5 minutes to pre-qualify.

2. Get approved for a budget

Once you’re approved, you’ll receive a budget to go home shopping.

3. Choose your dream home

Partner with an agent to find your dream home. Choose from any home on the market that qualifies.

4. Divvy pays for the home

Divvy will pay for the home in cash and cover all fees, closing costs, taxes, and insurance. All it needs is a down payment of 1 to 2%.

5. Move in and save

Move into your Divvy home and start saving to gradually build up ownership of the home. 

6. Buy the home or walk away with savings

At any point, you can choose to either buy back the home with the money you’ve saved or move out and cash out your savings.