Contrarian Outlook

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Contrarian Outlook believes that there are plenty of opportunities out there, taking the “No Withdrawal” approach in income investing by delivering safe, under-the-radar dividends by 7%, 8%, 9% and even more. Showing you where and how to make the most out of profit opportunities with objective, independent, and unbiased investing ideas, Contrarian Outlook delivers the best possible research and advice with no double-talk or hidden agendas.


  • Contrarian Outlook specializes in income investing strategies, priding itself on bringing subscribers high-quality, independent research.

  • Contrarian Outlook is the home to The Contrarian Income Report, employing second level thinking to hunt down safe, stable, meaningful yields.

  • Contrarian Outlook's Hidden Yields service taps into the incredible profit potential of income loopholes that are "invisible" to 99% of investors.

  • The company's CEF Insider provides the latest research and recommendations on CEFs every month.

  • The company's Dividend Swing Trader brings Brett Owens’ #1 investment system for banking 20% returns from safe dividend stocks year after year.