Contrarian Income Report

Contrarian Income Report is a monthly stock investing newsletter that aims to take advantage of market misconceptions. The newsletter is published by Contrarian Outlook and led by stock picker Brett Owens, a former Silicon Valley startup founder and dividend investor. As the name suggests, this service uses a “calculated contrarian” strategy that strays away from conventional stock market wisdom. It focuses on helping investors find safe, stable, and high-yielding investments


  • Monthly Dividend Superstars. Stock picks in different sectors that have yields up to 7.7%. You'll learn about why Brett likes these picks and when their prices are too high to buy.

  • 5 Income-Fixed Funds Set to Soar. Here you'll learn about 5 different fixed income opportunities. All of these picks have yields of at least 6%.

  • 2 Preferred Dividends That Can Triple Your Payouts Immediately. You'll learn about Brett's two favorite preferred stock funds that get 6% monthly dividends. 

  • The Dirty Dozen. 12 Dividend Stocks To Sell Now. Brett shows you 12 dividends that he believes are about to take a fall and lose people money

  • Second-Level Investing. Your Guide To The Contrarian Money Machine. One of the best ways to make money with stocks is finding unpopular stocks. Here you'll learn Brett's strategy on finding these stocks.

  • Flash Alerts. If there's ever "breaking news" about a stock you'll get an email and alert about it.

  • Second-Level Coaching. You'll be able to follow along with Brett's picks. You'll also get details about why Brett picks the stocks he does.

  • Weekly Market Analysis. Get some analysis about the market and big news. You'll also get some stock ideas and ideas about which stocks to follow.

  • Quarterly Webinars. Every quarter, you'll be able to attend a webinar where Brett talks about his portfolio and he'll answer your questions. 

  • Archives. You'll get access to a website where you can see all the archives of the monthly issues, flash alerts, special reports and more.