Brenton Point Wealth Advisors

Founding Date

Brenton Point Wealth Advisors is an independent investment and wealth advisory firm that integrates comprehensive financial planning with independent market research, developed over four decades to define and deliver customized investment solutions. Responsible for overseeing all aspects of their clients’ financial well-being, Brenton Point combines experienced institutional investment management professionals with senior level wealth advisors, delivering customized investment advice, financial planning, and family office services. They have a rich history in capital markets research and investing, serving the financial needs of high-net-worth families and non-profit organizations.

Brenton Point provides services in the following:

Brenton Point Wealth Advisors


  • Investor Profile

  • Personal & Economic Needs

  • Financial Goals

  • Risk Levels


  • Customized Investment Plan

  • Portfolio Solutions

  • Strategic/Tactical Asset Allocations


  • Ongoing Analysis of Financial Picture & Goal Assessment

  • Markets/Investment Advice & Guidance

  • Comprehensive Reportings & Transparency