Institutional Investment Management

Full Name
Institutional Investment Management: Equity and Bond Portfolio Strategies and Applications

Unlike other investment management books, Institutional Investment Management focuses on the management of funds of institutional investors such as depository institutions, insurance companies, investment companies, pension funds, and endowment funds and foundations, not on individual investors.

Institutional Investment Management covers:

  • Overview of Investment Management
  • Theory of Portfolio Selection
  • Applying Mean‐Variance Analysis 
  • Issues in the Theory of Portfolio Selection
  • The U.S. Equity Markets
  • Common Stock Strategies and Performance Evaluation
  • Financial Analysis
  • Applied Equity Valuation 
  • Forecasting Stock Returns 
  • Managing a Common Stock Portfolio with Fundamental Factor Models
  • Equity Option Pricing Models
  • Bond Fundamentals and Risks
  • Treasury and Agency Securities, Corporate Bonds, and Municipal bonds 
  • Structured Products: RMBS, CMBS, and ABS
  • The Structure of Interest Rates 
  • Bond Pricing and Yield Measures
  • Investment Companies, Exchange‐Traded Funds, and Investment‐Oriented Life Insurance
  • Alternative Assets