When the President Calls

Full Name
When the President Calls: Conversations with Economic Policymakers

When the President Calls presents interviews with thirty-five economic policymakers who served presidents from Nixon to Trump. These officials worked in the executive branch in a variety of capacities but all had direct access to the policymaking process and can offer insights about the difficult tradeoffs made on economic policy. When the President Calls offers a unique, behind-the-scenes perspective on US economic policymaking, with specific and personal detail―the turmoil, the personality clashes, the enormous pressure of trying to do the right thing while the clock is ticking.

Interviews with:
  • Nicholas F. Brady
  • Lael Brainard
  • W. Michael Blumenthal
  • Michael J. Boskin
  • Stuart E. Eizenstat
  • Martin S. Feldstein
  • Stephen Friedman
  • Jason Furman
  • Austan D. Goolsbee
  • Alan Greenspan
  • Kevin A. Hassett
  • R. Glenn Hubbard
  • Alan B. Krueger
  • Arthur B. Laffer
  • Edward P. Lazear
  • Jacob J. Lew
  • N. Gregory Mankiw
  • David C. Mulford
  • John Michael Mulvaney
  • Paul H. O'Neill
  • Peter R. Orszag
  • Henry M. Paulson
  • Alice M. Rivlin
  • Harvey S. Rosen
  • Robert E. Rubin
  • George P. Shultz
  • Charles L. Schultze
  • John W. Snow
  • Gene B. Sperling
  • Joseph E. Stiglitz
  • Lawrence H. Summers
  • John B. Taylor
  • Paul A. Volcker
  • Murray L. Weidenbaum
  • Janet L. Yellen