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Trump: The Blue-Collar President

In an administration not known for its subtlety, no comet soared higher, burned brighter, or flamed out more spectacularly than Anthony Scaramucci. For eleven days, he ran the most important communications department in the world, the White House. In his own inimitable voice, Scaramucci reveals the juicy details behind his stormy term as White House communications director. A romp of a read, by turns hilarious, touching, and inspiring, Trump is sure to be among the best books written about the Trump presidency.

Praise for Trump

"[Scaramucci] is always didactic but never bombastic, and he employs his self-deprecating sense of humor with remarkable effectiveness, especially in his new book, Trump, the Blue-Collar President. It's as if you're sitting across from Scaramucci and he's talking to you. The book gives an insightful look into [Trump's] popularity and success because Scaramucci has a real understanding of how Trump thinks."


"There actually is more to [Scaramucci]-much more-than his brief tenure at the White House. His journey to millionaire hedge fund manager from humble roots as the son of a blue-collar sand hog from Long Island does make compelling reading."

New York Journal of Books

"The Mooch takes us on a great roller-coaster ride-from a working-class suburb, to sparkling Manhattan skyscrapers, to the deepest swamps of our nation's capital. Along the way, we watch an America lost but reenergized under Donald Trump. Insightful, inspiring, and hilarious. A must-read. So ordered!"

Judge Jeanine Pirro, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Liars, Leakers, and Liberals