Warren Buffett

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Warren Buffett: 41 Fascinating Facts about Life & Investing Philosophy

Warren Edward Buffet is a legendary investor and one of the most respected businessmen in the world. While the Efficient Market Hypothesis states that in the long term, no investor should be able to beat the market, Buffett has beaten the market in a remarkable way. So what is his secret for being so successful at picking the right stocks? This book will reveal 41 fascinating facts about his life and investing philosophy. Each fact comes with a lesson that the readers can take away on how to get rich, become successful, and dominate your personal finance from the greatest value investor of all.

Fact #1: Buffett’s net worth was $53,000 when he was 16

Fact #2: His dad forced him to attend college

Fact #3: Buffet is a supporter of ‘Do what you love’

Fact #4: Buffett was rejected at the Harvard Business School

Fact #5: Buffett spends 80% of his time reading at the office

Fact #6: Buffett has lived in the same house for nearly 60 years

Fact #7: Buffett’s best investment was his health

Fact #8: Buffett’s worst investment was Berkshire Hathaway

Fact #9: Buffett doesn’t like technology

Fact #10: It cost millions of dollars to eat lunch with Buffett

Fact #11: Buffett called on the Government to increase the tax rate on the rich

Fact #12: Buffet helped create The Giving Pledge

Fact #13: Warren Buffett is wealthier than the country with the highest GDP per capita in the world

Fact #14: Buffet’s investing strategy is quite “simple”

Fact #15: Buffett sticks to his core competency

Fact #16: Invest for the long term

Fact #17: 99% of Buffett’s wealth was made after his 50th birthday

Fact #18: Buffett never attempts to predict the market

Fact #19: Buffett’s initial investing strategy was the Cigar-butt strategy

Fact #20: Buffett writes down his reasons for buying stocks

Fact #21: Stocks represent a real business to Buffett

Fact #22: Buffett likes to buy stocks at a discount

Fact #23: Buffett is extremely patience

Fact #24: Buffett avoids investing in commodities

Fact #25: Buffett likes to invest in companies with a large economic moat

Fact #26: Buffett loves the insurance business

Fact #27: Buffett doesn’t like debt

Fact #28: Berkshire has 71 billion dollars in cash

Fact #29: Buffett exercises a ‘Chilled out’ style of management

Fact #30: Buffet does not believe in diversification

Fact #31: Buffet does not invest in penny stocks

Fact #32: Buffet thinks gold is useless

Fact #33: Buffett believes that derivatives can be weapons of mass destruction

Fact #34: Buffett is disciplined about his investing philosophy

Fact #35: Directors at Berkshire get paid only a token fee.

Fact #36: Buffett overpaid more than $5 billion to acquire Dexter Shoe

Fact #37: Berkshire does not pay dividends

Fact #38: Buffett likes investing in index funds

Fact #39: Buffett does not panic when his stocks fall

Fact #40: Buffett believes anyone can be a great investor!!

Fact #41: Buffett is losing his magic