The Ten Roads to Riches

Full Name
The Ten Roads to Riches: The Ways the Wealthy Got There (and How You Can Too!)

Prominent investment expert and self-made billionaire Ken Fisher unfolds ten different ways of getting rich in his book, The Ten Roads to Riches. He highlights that people can go the old-fashioned way and save every penny or they can go the super-fast and fortuitous route and win the lottery. A quick read with numerous entertaining examples, The Ten Roads to Riches outlines each road, what it takes to get there and the possible benefits and pitfalls of each. Whether you're just beginning to plan your financial future or well on your way, The Ten Roads to Riches can show you how to gain and, more importantly, maintain the wealth you want.

What are the Ten Roads?

  1. Start a successful business—the richest road!

  2. Become the CEO of an existing firm and juice it—a very mechanical function.

  3. Hitch to a successful visionary's wagon and ride along—it's high value-added.

  4. Turn celebrity into wealth—or wealth into celebrity and then more wealth!

  5. Marry well—really, really well.

  6. Steal it, legally—no guns necessary!

  7. Capitalize on other people's money (OPM)—where most of the mega-rich are.

  8. Invent an endless future revenue stream—even if you're not an inventor!

  9. Trump the land barons by monetizing unrealized real estate wealth!

  10. Go down the Road More Traveled—save hard, invest well—forever!

The Ten Roads to Riches Table of Contents

Preface: Why Ten Roads? 


Chapter 1 The Richest Road

  • Picking a Path

  • Newer or Better? Built to Sell or Built to Last? Bootstrap or Finance? Public or Private? 

  • The Big Bull's-Eye

  • Founders Are Quitters-Just Do It

Chapter 2 Pardon Me, That's My Throne

  • Gray Hair and Dues-Paying

  • A CEO-volution (Through My Father's Eyes)

  • How to Lead

  • How to Get the Job

  • The Big Payday

  • CEOs and Superheroes

  • The Best Part

Chapter 3 Along for the Ride: Ride-Alongs

  • Why Ride Along? Pick the Right Firm

  • Be the Right Guy. 

Chapter 4 Rich... and Famous

  • The Talent Show

  • Potholes Ahead No One Sees!

  • Mogul Meandering

Chapter 5 Marry Well. Really Well

  • How to Marry a Millionaire Billionaire

  • Like a Fine Wine-Well Maintained

  • Men Can Play Too! 

  • Love, Marriage, and Money

Chapter 6 Steal It-Like a Pirate, but Legally

  • Crusader or Pirate? 

  • Raider's Road

  • The Richest Legal Road

  • Tort Us and the Scare

  • Target Practice

  • When a Pirate Becomes a Villain

  • The Inside Track

Chapter 7 OPM-Not Opium: Where Most of the Richest Are

  • Basic OPM Career Rules

  • Steps to OPM Wealth

  • Hedge Your Bets

  • Private Equity's Big Bucks

  • Don't Break the Law 

  • Love Capitalism, Not Social Acceptance

Chapter 8 Inventing Income

Chapter 9 Trumping the Land Barons

  • Monetize It

  • The Fool's Bargain

  • Getting Started

  • Buy, Build, or Both?

  • Where to Be and Not to Be; That Is the Question

Chapter 10 The Road More Traveled

  • Income Matters

  • Saving Grace

  • Get a Good Rate of Return (Buy Stocks)

  • The Right Strategy

  • Bonds Are Riskier Than Stocks

  • Seriously. Like Hetty?