The Summit

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The Summit: J.M. Keynes and the Reshaping of the Global Economy

The idea of world leaders gathering in the midst of an economic crisis is now familiar. But 1944's meeting at Bretton Woods was different. It was the only time countries agreed to overhaul the structure of the international monetary system. Their resulting system presided over the longest period of growth in history. Drawing on unpublished accounts, diaries, and oral histories, The Summit describes the conference in stunning color and clarity. Written with exceptional verve and narrative pace, this is an extraordinary debut from a talented new historian.

Praise for The Summit

“An entertaining and insightful history. Readers will love how Conway skillfully brings to life the goings-on in what the British snobbily called ‘the monstrous monkey house’ of Bretton Woods.”

New York Times Book Review

“Excellent. Conway superbly describes the political rivalries. Entertaining and informative, Conway’s book mixes high partying with big thinking about serious matters.”

BBC History Magazine

“Gripping. Conway tells how the participants set out to rid the global economy of the types of dangerous imbalances that lie at the root of the eurozone’s current predicament.”

Financial Times

“Brimming with the sort of vivid details that make the past come alive, The Summit is both an impressive work of scholarship and an absolute delight to read.”

— Liaquat Ahamed, author of Lords of Finance

“Brilliantly researched, and hugely entertaining, this is an essential book about one of the most important economic events of the twentieth century.”

Keith Lowe, author of Savage Continent