The Option Trader's Hedge Fund

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The Option Trader's Hedge Fund: A Business Framework for Trading Equity and Index Options

The Option Trader's Hedge Fund shows you how to earn steady, reliable income selling options by managing your option trades and running your option portfolio as a real business with consistent, steady returns. Packed with real-world examples, this book will show you how to manage your own “one man” hedge fund and make consistent profits from selling options. The Option Trader's Hedge Fund provides a complete operations manual for setting up your business.

Praise for The Option Trader's Hedge Fund

“The Option Trader’s Hedge Fund provides traders with a resource that is not only actionable but interesting at the same time. It’s as if the reader gains new trading confidants in Mark and Dennis.”

— Tony Battista, Managing Director, tastytrade Financial Network

“In The Option Trader’s Hedge Fund, Mark Sebastian and Dennis Chen introduce traders to Option trading methods that have been utilized by Hedge Funds for years. This book will help all levels of Option traders take their game to the next level.”

 Russell Rhoads, CFA, Instructor, CBOE Options Institute


“Until now, nobody has adequately addressed the issue of risk management for investors holding a portfolio of options. It is destined to find a place on thousands of desks of private option traders who seek to scale their strategies and effectively manage risk because every serious investor knows that not losing money is the best way to generate a profit.”

— Jeff Augen, author of The Volatility Edge in Options Trading and Trading Options at Expiration

“From trade selection to execution, risk mitigation, and volatility analysis, everything you need to know is contained within these pages. Whether you are a newcomer to the options market or a seasoned options veteran, the insight and analysis contained in this book will provide you with the proper framework for your options trading.”

— Mark S. Longo, Founder of and The Options Insider Radio Network