The Bullies of Wall Street

Full Name
The Bullies of Wall Street: This Is How Greed Messed Up Our Economy

In 2008, America went through a terrible financial crisis, and we are still suffering the consequences. As the former head of the FDIC, Sheila Bair worked to protect families during the crisis and keep their bank deposits safe. In The Bullies of Wall Street, she describes the many ways in which a broken system led families into financial trouble. She also explains the decisions being made at the time by the most powerful people in the country—from CEOs of multinational banks to heads of government regulatory committees—that led to the recession.

Table of Contents


Part I. Main Street

  • Chapter 1: Matt

  • Chapter 2: Anna

  • Chapter 3: Jorge

  • Chapter 4: Imani

  • Chapter 5: Mary

  • Chapter 6: Zach

Part II. My Story

  • Chapter 7: The Cast of Players

  • Chapter 8: 2006: The End of the Golden Age of Banking

  • Chapter 9: 2007: Stepping Over a Dollar to Pick Up a Nickel

  • Chapter 10: 2008: Bailing Out the Blockheads

  • Chapter 11: 2009: The More Things Change. The More They Stay the Same

  • Chapter 12: 2010 - 2011: The Post-Crisis Years

  • Chapter 13: Too Small to Save: The Impact of the Crisis on Community Banks

Part III. Your Future

  • Chapter 14: The Lingering Effects of the Financial Crisis

  • Chapter 15: You Can Do Better

Appendix: Explanation of Key Terms