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Nickel is a silvery-white metallic element which is commonly used in the modern industrial world

Nickel Uses
  • Used in coins and jewelry
  • Used in white good
  • Used in stainless steel
  • Used in rechargeable batteries
  • Used as a plating in plumbing fixtures
  • Commonly used in stainless steel
  • Also used in batteries as it relates to cobalt
    • Important for Electric Cars

  • There is a global shortage of nickel (2018)
    • More nickel is used than is mined
    • This gap is expected to increase over the next 10 years
    • There is also not a bigĀ  pipeline of new mines
  • Nickel is a relatively difficult metal to find
    • It can be found in many different forms
    • Nickel Laterite is a crubled rock found in tropic countries, but it not suited for use in batteries
    • batteries need nickel sulfate
    • Nickel sulfate requires an expensive refining process (can cost billions for the plant)
    • Nickel Sufide is very rare, but easier to convert into a form of Nickel that can be used in batteries
    • Nicek sulfide is found in Eastern Canada, Western Australia & Russia
  • The PGMs (Platinum Metal Group) are commonly found and mined with along nickel

    • Indonesia is the world's largest nickel producer (2017)
    • The Phillipines is the world's second-largest nickel producer (2017)