Gold Investment Letter

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Gold Investment Letter is an investment newsletter focusing on gold stocks, mining stocks, and investing in undiscovered companies. Editor Eric Muschinski believes that after a four brutal bear market in gold, precious metals, and mining stocks that began in 2011, opportunities abound. This newsletter will guide you to sit tight and buy near bottoms, while staying disciplined by taking profits to protect your principal, and ensure maximizing your gains in this volatile gold bull market. The Gold Investment Letter helps sophisticated investors discover and maximize profits in gold, silver, and mining stocks, and isolate the most undervalued stocks to position themselves and their subscribers.

"Thank you for the service. This past year I made $182k USD from GIL. I used most of the gains upgrading my lake home in the Muskoka’s. "

—Bruce, member since 2015

“In my humble opinion, you are in that special outstanding class of financial advisors news letters.  I believe that I have been blessed by GOD to have been a subscriber to Gold Investment Letter Premium for about 8 years. ”

—Mark, Member since 2012

"I bought 400 shares of NUGT on 12/15 at $5.63 after receiving your email alert. I just sold my 400 shares at $7.97 for a 40% gain in 2 weeks. So over $900 in profits to roll into one of your other recommendations like Orca Gold." 

—Josh, member since 2014

"I really think that your GIL premium is the best of all the others. I am so glad that I started subscribing around 2012. I have automatic renewal since 2015."

—Elia, member since 2012

 “I bought 400,000 shares at .022 average now have 600,000 shares at .06 average. Thank you for keeping me in the game and your great work. God bless you.”

—Verne, member since 2016

“Your reporting is always the best I see anywhere.  Things that can really change my life and that is the whole reason for doing this.   Again Kudos on a great presentation.” 

—Suddath, member since 2017