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SOLD: How Top Real Estate Agents Are Using The Internet To Capture More Leads And Close More Sales

SOLD is a gift to real estate agents who are looking to grow their business via internet marketing. This book contains tips on how these agents can properly get leads from websites, how to use the internet to make money, and use an automated system to bring in a steady stream of high quality prospects on a reliable basis. Ken Lapp states practical reasons why traditional old-school method are ineffective, how to avoid the common mistakes that are responsible for 80% of real estate agent failures, how to quickly set yourself apart from other realtors and dominate your local market, and how to position yourself as an indispensable real estate professional so your prospects wouldn't even consider talking with another real estate agent.

Chapter 1 - How to Make Your Website Sell
Chapter 2 - A Stampede of Free Traffic To Your Website
Chapter 3 - The Best Job In The World If You Do It Right  
Chapter 4 - Five Myths and The Truth That Will Set You Free
Chapter 5 - Branding vs Direct Response  
Chapter 6 - The Power of Educating Your Prospects
Chapter 7 - Ken Lapp--Why Did He Do It?
Chapter 8 - For Computer Geeks Only
Chapter 9 - Pay Per Click Advertising
Chapter 10 - How To Find a Good Internet Marketing Company
Bonus Chapter 1 – Social Media For Real Estate Agents
Bonus Chapter 2 – Blogging For Profit  
Bonus Chapter 3 – How To Get Valuable Online Reviews, and Deal With Trouble Makers
Bonus Chapter 4 – The Incredible Power of a Free Google My Business Account