Alpha 9 Trader

Alpha-9 Trader is a radical trading service harnessing the power of the Alpha-9 tool to produce money-doubling trades, every single day, Monday through Friday. This revolutionary tool tells you in advance the exact odds of seeing a 100% gain, every day of the week. You will receive special recommendations from Tom Gentile’s daily Double-Your-Money opportunities. Using a brand new proprietary trading strategy to target no fewer than 250 money-doublers in the next 12 months, you can blast away the last barrier between you and millionaire status with just one move.


  • Alpha-9 Trader Daily Double-Your-Money. Trade recommendations including the name of stock, and a detailed set of instructions if you want to make the trade for double-your-money potential.

  • Alpha-9 Trader War Room. Weekly live trading-sessions that are your chance to get inside his mind as he finds Double-Your-Money trades in real time.

  • Alpha-9 Trader Network. Enjoy 24/7 access, and join other Alpha-9 Traders online to share war stories, brainstorm strategy, and revel in your wins.

  • Alpha-9 Trader Hotline. A direct line to Tom Gentile and his team. A way for you to get your most popular trading questions answered fast.

  • Alpha-9 Trader Video Training Series. One of a kind video program drawn from Gentile's 25 years at the top of the trading world. Designed to take complete novices and give them everything they need for a shot at millionaire status.

  • Alpha-9 Trader’s Bible. This manual is chock-full of hard-hitting trading tactics and techniques. The very secrets he has used to make millions in his trading career.

  • Alpha-9 Trader Summits. His annual Alpha-9 Trader Summits. To meet, greet, and enjoy each other’s success.


  • Tom Gentile is one of the leading authorities on stocks, futures, and options trading. He has over two decades of experience in the securities industry. 

  • Since 2009, he has taught more than 300,000 traders the secrets of spotting high-probability and low-risk trade opportunities. 

  • He has appeared in various financial media platforms, including CNBC, Bloomberg, Reuters, and Fox Business, among others.