Active Value Investing

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Active Value Investing: Making Money in Range-Bound Markets

One of the most significant challenges facing active investors is how to make money during times when markets are going nowhere. Active Value Investing makes a convincing case for range-bound market conditions and offers readers a practical strategy for proactive investing that improves profits. This guide provides investors with the know-how to modify the traditional, fundamentally driven strategies that they have become so accustomed to using in bull markets. It offers new approaches to margin of safety and presents terrific insights into buy and sell disciplines, international investing, and much more.

Praise for Active Value Investing

"This book reads like a conversation with Vitaliy: deep, insightful, inquisitive, and civilized."

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of The Black Swan

"Vitaliy Katsenelson walks you through his thought processes in constructing an active value portfolio. There is not enough discussion in value investing circles about when to sell stocks, and this book advances that subject. A good balance between theoretical discussion, real anecdotes, and commonsense observations."

David Einhorn, Founder and President, Greenlight Capital

"Active Value Investing clearly highlights that the stock market is not a smooth trend; rather, it has periods of surge and stall. Katsenelson explains range-bound markets and emphasizes that 'valuation matters'—the valuation paid for stocks impacts the ultimate return. Range-bound markets especially require an unconstrained process of analysis to identify undervalued securities, and Katsenelson delivers a much-needed framework to achieve superior returns."

Ed Easterling, President, Crestmont Research

"A delightfully documented and detailed deconstruction of buy-and-hold dogma. A must-read for any open-minded, thinking investor—professional or individual."

Donald Cassidy, President, Retirement Investing Institute

"Active Value Investing offers a rare combination of focus on value of underlying companies with appreciation for the effect of market dynamics on portfolio performance. Investors who understand both have the flexibility to succeed in a variety of markets. Katsenelson has the gift of packaging expert financial insight in an entertaining and educational package."

Aaron Brown, Executive Director in Risk Methodology at Morgan Stanley

"Vitaliy has crafted a valuable assimilation of the primary market metrics that will benefit the active trader and long-term investor alike."

Todd Harrison, Founder and CEO, Minyanville Publishing & Multimedia, LLC

"Active Value Investing has the hallmarks of all great investing books—easy to read, humorous at times, and, most of all, it demonstrates Vitaliy's investing process in terms accessible to the novice and expert alike. Despite its title, this is a book for bull, bear, or range-bound markets and will be highly recommended to our newsletter subscribers."

Philip Durell, Advisor, The Motley Fool Inside Value