Tuomas Malinen

Tuomas Malinen

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Tuomas Malinen is the Founder, CEO and Chief Economist of GnS Economics, a macroeconomic consultancy specializing in forecasting and analyzing the risks of the world economy. He has led GnS's small analysis and forecasting since 2012. He also serves as Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Helsinki. Malinen studied economic crises for 10 years and economic growth for 15 years in academia. He specializes in business cycles, central banks, economic growth, economic crises, monetary unions, and income inequality. Malinen is regularly consulted by political leaders and asset managers, and he is interviewed frequently by international financial media.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Malinen has served as Vice Chairman of EuroThinkTank, a group of professionals studying the future of the eurozone

  • He led a political project in Finland, which first opposed the European Recovery Fund.