Tobin Smith

Tobin Smith

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Tobin Smith is an Op-Ed Contributor at The New York Times, a daily newspaper with a worldwide readership. He is a recognized investment newsletter publisher and editor who has created, published and edited some of the most successful investment newsletters of all time. Smith is also a serial founder and economic digital media entrepreneur with three exits. He is an equities sector analyst with chronic business reinventor and fire starter mentality.

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Smith has provided hundreds of thousands of investors:

  1. An early and accurate analysis of next big things that transformed industries and technology and created thousands of new millionaires
  2. Historic market top/bottom calls in 2000, 2003 and 2009 and deadly accurate macroeconomic recession and expansion forecasts that made and saved his subscribers billions
  3. Legendary stock picking including Sirius Satellite Radio in 2002, Amazon in 2003, Apple in 2005, Pioneer Energy in 2006, Gilead Sciences in 2013, Nvidia, Amazon, Netflix AMD & Micron in 2015
  4. Life changing buy and sell recommendations with 40.8% average annual returns 2000-2010 and 50.1% annual returns 2013-2017