Billion Dollar Green

Full Name
Billion Dollar Green: Profit from the Eco Revolution

Billion Dollar Green is a book is for anyone interested in investing in companies that will make billions from the solutions to the billion-dollar problems in the green technology space. It presents the facts and forecasts of growth in the green investing front and lets you see for yourself just how large this opportunity is. It also introduces you to a number of segments of the green investing world—taking you inside these agents of change and detail 8 to 10 companies who are real growth stocks with investment profit potential.

Praise For Billion Dollar Green

"Toby Smith has the rare ability to put his finger on the hottest trends in the marketplace while cutting through the clutter to decide if the trends are investableâ or simply more noise."

Adam Lashinsky, Senior Writer, Fortune magazine

"Tobin, who has proven again and again on FNC's Bulls & Bears that he knows how to make other people money, shares a smart way to get green out of going green."

Brenda Buttner, Senior Business Correspondent, Fox News Channel

"Thousands of my listeners made many millions of dollars on Toby's first generation of energy ideasâ natural gas trusts, fuel cells, and LED lights. Now he's doing it again, times ten, with the definitive analysis of the next generation of energy investment ideasâ the green movement. This book is going to be one of the real moneymakers of our new age."

Daniel Frishberg, Host, The MoneyMan Report

"If you want to get in on the tens of billions of dollars to be made from the green energy revolution, you need to read only one book and one book only: Tobin Smith's Billion Dollar Green. From solar to wind energy, from hydrogen fuel cells to green cars to green buildings to the virtualization trend in information technology, Smith, in elegant and always entertaining prose, tells you not only where the hot money will be made, but what revolutionary trends lie just around the corner that will upend our world. This is a must-read book."

Elizabeth MacDonald, Stocks Editor, Fox Business Network