Sven Henrich

Sven Henrich

Formal First Name

Sven Henrich is the Founder and Lead Market Strategist of NorthmanTrader, where he provides valuable insights and education to thousands of subscribers, helping them navigate the complex global financial markets. Henrich is a highly respected technical analyst and commentator about markets and the macroeconomic environment. He publishes the Daily Market Brief, which covers market-critical developments and the latest outlook, and hosts the Straight Talk podcast, where he brings the latest key developments impacting the financial markets. Henrich is most active on his Twitter channel where he posts updates multiple times per day giving free market analysis and insights to his followers. He has amassed a following of over 390,000 people on Twitter since joining in July of 2012.

Professional Experience



  • Henrich is an expert at reading the macro signs of the market

  • He has carved a successful niche for himself in the world of finance, leveraging his engineering background, extensive experience in market analysis, and passion for trading.

  • He is well known for his diligent technical, directional and macro analysis of global equity markets.

  • He also publishes technical and live updates on his private Twitter feed.