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NorthmanTrader is a financial analysis firm that aims to identify system-based actionable technical setups by employing cutting-edge market analysis. The firm is founded by Sven Henrich, a well-respected technical analyst and commentator about markets and the macroeconomic environment. NorthmanTrader incorporates both macro views and technical analysis to derive a favorable risk-reward trade direction for its subscribers. Its subscription contents caters towards longer-term investors and swing traders, as well as more active traders. The website provides daily market briefs, technical analysis, and macro analysis of global equity markets, while the YouTube channel features videos with market updates and insights.


The Daily Market Brief

  • An in-depth market analysis published at least 4 days a week by Sven Henrich before the US market opens.

  • It keeps investors and traders abreast of the latest market critical technical and macro developments as well as directional strategy.

  • It provides critical market, macro & technical information and outlines our risk assessment for market direction at any time including our technical view with a wide variety of must know information.

  • Included in The Daily Market Brief are occasional updates via The Market Dashboard.

Live Action Alerts

  • In addition to Daily Market Brief, subscribers get access to live private Twitter streams where Henrich posts market updates and alerts.

  • The primary focus in Live Alerts however is positional alerts for $SPX, $NDX and the $RUT and on occasion $VIX related instruments.

  • Live Action Alerts may also alert of breaking intra-day developments and charts during volatile market environments focused on technical signals and key market levels.

  • It is for more active traders, but is not focused on day trades although during volatile market conditions you may find us pursuing set-ups more aggressively.