Steven Van Metre

Steven Van Metre

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Mr. Rogers of Finance

Steven Van Metre is the President of Steven Van Metre Financial. He is a notable financial planner and macro manager that specializes in retirement income strategies and the direct management of client assets. In addition to managing portfolios, he is also one of the top annuity agents in the United States. Van Metre is sought by peers for advice and conducts webinars to educate other advisors on annuities and real-world expectations from them. He has coached thousands of people through to a completely successful retirement. He regularly follows a range of economists to keep pace with changes in the marketplace. His insightful advice has been featured in print and on local radio and television.

  • Van Metre has been in the industry since 2001. 

  • He hosts a 3x weekly macro show on YouTube. 
  • He designed the Portfolio Shield, a long equity macro strategy that is based on the monetary system and the credit cycles.
  • He created and actively manages five low-fee, risked-based, asset allocation portfolios.
    • He uses a strategic asset allocation philosophy with a tactical focus to pick funds that are weighted towards the expected growth sectors of the economy
    • The portfolios are rebalanced at least annually and adjustments are made on an as-needed basis to make sure the portfolios are allocated on the proper sectors as the e onomy rotates.
  • His approach to utilize annuities as part of income planning helps clients find the right annuities with the highest contractual guarantees to lock-in retirement income for life.
  • He teaches an adult education course on retirement planning for the Levan Institute for Life ong Learning at Bakersfield College.
  • He earned the Highest Award for Achievement from the Dale Carnegie Course.
  • In 1992, he earned the Eagle Scout award after completion of a landscaping project at the Jamison Children’s Center in Bakersfield.
  • He has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.