Stephanie Pomboy

Stephanie Pomboy

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Stephanie Pomboy is the Founder and President of MacroMavens, an independent economics consulting firm. Since its inception in 2002, the firm has earned a reputation for calling major macro developments well ahead of the curve. Pomboy is one of the top macro minds around. She is a top-down big picture person who starts her analysis with a long-term macro backdrop. Previously, she worked for over a decade at ISI Group with Ed Hyman and Nancy Lazar. During her tenure at ISI, she worked closely with the most sophisticated institutions, providing timely economic insight and analysis.

Professional Experience

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  • Macromavens provides macroeconomic research and commentary to an exclusive group of the institutional investment community.

  • The boutique research firm takes an unconventional approach to economic analysis, avoiding the over-emphasis on short-term swings.

  • Their meticulous analytic approach and willingness to take on the conventional wisdom have consistently enabled it to identify major macroeconomic events well ahead of the curve.


  • She looks at major secular trends to figure out where we are.

  • She was one of the few warning of the housing bubble’s bust — and a lone voice in identifying the inexorable hit to financials to follow.