Nancy Lazar

Nancy Lazar

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Nancy Lazar is Founding Partner and Head of Economic Research at Cornerstone Macro, an economic and political consulting firm that offers macro research and equity derivatives trading to institutional investors. She leads the economic research team and has been an Institutional Investor-ranked economist for the past two decades, ranking in the top two all the past eight years at Cornerstone Macro. Previously, Nancy was Co-founder and Vice Chairman for over 20 years at ISI Group, a full service broker-dealer offering macro and fundamental research, sales, and trading. Prior to that, she was a Senior Vice President at C.J. Lawrence, a firm now part of Deutsche Bank Securities. Throughout her career, Nancy has risen to the top rank of Wall Street economists with insightful analysis and jargon-free prose that has resonated with clients for decades.

Professional Experience


  • Piper Sandler acquired Cornerstone Macro in 2021. The firm will continue to provide research as Piper Sandler's macro research team.

  • Cornerstone Macro’s options strategy team provides industry-leading derivative strategy and trading.

  • Since Cornerstone Macro’s founding, their research teams have consistently ranked in the top three annually in the Institutional Investor All-America Research Survey.



  • #1 All-America Research Team 2015 

  • #2 All-America Research Team 2008 - 2014

  • All-America Research Team



  • The Economic Club of New York

  • New York Forecasters

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  • Women in Finance & Housing


  • NABE