Sebastian Brunemeier

Sebastian Brunemeier

Formal First Name

Sebastian Brunemeier is Co-founder and General Partner at Healthspan Capital, a venture capital firm that seeks to invest in early-stage longevity biotech companies. In addition, he is CEO of ImmuneAGE Pharma, focused on immune system rejuvenation. Sebastian was a Principal at Apollo Health Ventures, the first and largest aging-focused venture capital fund in the world, as well as Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Cambrian Biopharma, a biotech VC holding company focused on the biology of aging. He is an experienced CEO with a demonstrated history of working in the biotechnology industry, specializing in entrepreneurship, venture capital, molecular biology, biotech and drug development. He is also one of the Founding Fellows of OnDeck Longevity Biotech Fellowship. Their mission is to increase the number of people working to build longevity biotechnology companies.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Board Member, Revivo Therapeutics

  • Board Member, Equator Therapeutics

  • Venture Scout, Picus Capital

  • Advisor, VitaDAO

  • Advisor, Samsara Therapeutics

  • Advisor, Molecule GmbH

  • Advisor & Founding Fellow, On Deck

  • Trustee, British Society for Research on Aging


  • Advisor, McKinsey & Company

  • CIO & Co-Founder, Cambrian Biopharma

  • CEO & Co-Founder, Cyclone Therapeutics

  • Principal, Apollo Health Ventures

  • Associate, Deep Knowledge Ventures


  • Fulbright Fellow, Gulbenkian Institute

  • Caltech Chen Institute Fellowship

  • Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship

  • EU Erasmus Plus Full Scholarship

  • Max Planck Institute Grant

  • NATO/European Commission Seminar Scholar

  • Mensa: Karen Cooper Memorial Scholarship

  • Henry R. Kravis Prize

  • Skaggs-Oxford Fellowship, Scripps Research Institute

  • SENS Foundation Scholar, Buck Institute for Research on Aging


  • He has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.