Ryan Dinse

Ryan Dinse

Formal First Name

Ryan Dinse is known for his ability to identify and capitalize on explosive stock trends, having worked in finance and investing for the past two decades as a financial planner, senior credit analyst, equity trader and fintech entrepreneur. With an academic background in economics, Ryan combines fundamental, technical and economic analysis with the goal of making sure you are in the right investments at the right time. He specializes in investing and trading small cap stocks both on the Australian (ASX) and international markets, with a focus on the hunt for high growth investing opportunities. Today, Ryan is an Editor at Port Phillip Publishing and Money Morning.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • Ryan believes that the key to making good investments is investing appropriately at each stage of the economic cycle.
  • He was a financial advisor for a well-known Melbourne-based investment institution where he managed over $150 million for over 600 clients.
  • At Money Morning, he focuses on all aspects of the markets, the economy and investing, with concentration on looking beyond the superficial headlines of the day.
  • He is a former member of both the Digital Currency Council and Fintech Australia.
  • Ryan believes that the fields of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will be one of the strongest themes of the 21st century.