Phil Town

Phil Town

Formal First Name
Philip (Phil)
9/21/1948 - present

Phil Town is the Founder and Managing Partner of Phil Town's Rule #1 Investing. He is a prominent investment advisor, hedge fund manager, and bestselling author who seeks to empower individual investors around the world to take control of their money and transform their lives. He specializes in value investing, money management, investment education, hedge fund management, and wealth management. Town has been invited to speak on some of the most respected news stations and shared stages with Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, George H. Bush, Bill Clinton, and more.


  • Following several years with the Special Forces during the Vietnam war, Phil Town returned to the United States and supported himself working seven months a year as a river guide in the Grand Canyon. His annual income was in the low four figures.
  • After he saved a boatload of Outward Bound trustees from a whitewater disaster, a grateful financial expert who had been on board took him under his wing and taught him the first principles of Rule #1 Investing.
  • He managed to put together a $1000 stake and within five years had turned it into $1 million. Today, he is worth many multiples of that.
  • He appears regularly on the same stage as people like Rudy Giuliani, Tommy Franks, and Colin Powell, instructing up to 30,000 people at a time in the art of successful investing.