Michael Petley

Michael Petley

Formal First Name
1965 - present

Michael Petley is Chief Investment Officer of The ECU Group and Chairman of its Global Macro Investment Committee. Michael founded ECU in 1988, a global Macro research, advisory, and investment firm specializing in currency risk management. He pioneered the firm’s flagship $1.8bn multi-currency debt management program with a number of international private banking groups, and segregated all currency management operations from the group’s wider derivatives broking and fund activities. Under his leadership, ECU became established as the UK's leading currency debt management firm and one of the fastest growing and most profitable private businesses in the country. Michael has over 30 years of experience in managing FX, presiding over the successful management of all ECU’s core currency products for three decades.

Professional Experience

  • Michael is a leading commentator on European Money Union and sat on the Advisory Council along with key City and UK industry leaders.

  • Michael and his team recently launched a new branch of ECU in Abu Dhabi, having returned after a two year sabbatical.

  • He was ECU Chairman of the Investment Committee for more than 14 years, and CEO and CIO of ECU for more than 20 years.

  • He accelerated expansion of business, select, select, selecting, integrating, and marketing division and increasing funds under management.

  • He also founded Petley & Co., where he was fully accountable for the establishment and management of new derivatives broking business........................

Michael Petley's Honors & Awards

  • Best Global Macro Advisory Team - UK, 2015 BarclayHedge Fund Awards

  • Best for Currency Management Services, 2015 BarclayHedge Fund Awards